MTD Technologies

Our company creates various flight simulators and related software. Special designs are made to create special machines and software. Special work is being done on unmanned vehicles for the defense industry.


In the technology age we are in, countries are not only protecting themselves with advanced weaponry and the number of soldiers they have, but they also depend on strengthening the technological infrastructure of all devices used in the military field. We have 100% domestic and reliable software in this area, unmanned land vehicles (armed, unarmed), friendly-enemy detection systems, radar software, cyber security software and so on. we are proud to be a pioneer in bringing together our solutions and knowledge and advocacy. As a company that derives its power from these lands, we offer solutions that will reduce human loss the most.

Engineering Consultancy

To help you determine your needs, we offer a variety of suggestions to help you achieve the best design. Together with our solution partners, let’s help you find out who and where you need to work, how to implement a design solution, and cheap and quality consumable products.